Dear Editor:

I have received multiple questions regarding an event with the topic of CRT (critical race theory) in schools taking place in the Northland Pines Middle and High School Auditorium on Sept. 22.

People are reaching out to me concerned about why we are having it and questioning the background of the speaker. I want to be clear that this is not a Northland Pines School-related event. We are proud to have amazing facilities and our Northland Pines Board of Education has policies and procedures in place that allow the community to use their buildings.

The Northland Pines Board of Education has also been clear on the topic of CRT and at their July 26, 2021, meeting stated that we do not have CRT in our curriculum. I have also met with community members and parents on this topic outside of board meetings, had many phone calls and responded by email to members as well.

Pines has had a track record of providing a high-quality academic education as well as a wide range of high-quality extracurricular activities. We have an outstanding staff and our best trait is we recognize we can always improve and we do that through hard work and a continuous improvement cycle.

Our enrollment increased again this year for the fifth consecutive year, and our enrollment has not been this high since the fall of 2012. This is a sign of the job our staff is doing and parents are excited to send their students to Northland Pines. This year (February 2022) we also passed a three-year operating referendum at the highest “yes” vote rate since we started going to operating referendums, showing that our public supports our district when asked.

We are finalizing our schedule for Northland Pines School District parent events for this year. Last year we had parent nights inviting parents in to hear from local law enforcement and colleges.

This year we are planning on having nights related to topics on mental health, technology safety, physical health, human trafficking, how to support your student in reading, career and college readiness, state and local report cards, and school finance.

Watch in the coming weeks for a flyer and then reminders will be sent to you on these specific events. We are excited to have more topics and a wider range of topics this year. All these topics are focused on how we can work together in supporting the students of the Northland Pines and also how we support our area and communities; we are proud to partner with our neighboring school districts.

You are also invited to community opportunities in our buildings for free Technology Help, walking on the track in the field house and using the Fab Lab and attending my Coffee Chat to discuss educational topics.

If you have any questions on the topics shared above, I would be happy to discuss by phone or personal meeting. I will not be in attendance Sept. 22 as I have previously been scheduled to attend my state conference on that evening and the following days.

Scott Foster

Northland Pines District Administrator