Letter to the Editor: 

In his letter “Be a good neighbor,” Bruce Keyzer promoted the taxing of carbon as though it would be a wonderful, painless fix to stop severe weather.

What would a carbon tax on businesses do to our lives? My guess is we would all suffer loss of income, mobility and much more government control of our lives.

There is no reasonable fix, except to use less carbon-producing energy such as living close to our place of employment so we could walk or ride a bike to work; owning one car, not two; owning a car instead of an SUV or truck; ramping down the size of our homes; not watering our lawns. This is how we reduce the use of carbon. This is direct, inexpensive, wealth increasing and best of all, we have control of it.

Taxing carbon puts more control of our lives in the hands of government. There are those who propose returning the carbon tax revenue to us. But this tax would set up another arm of government complete with office buildings, workers, investigators, wads of paper, vehicles, phone banks, etc. With all of that stuff, how much do you think would be returned to us? At the same time, no one would enjoy the burgeoning cost of everything. The proposal is for something like a tax of $300 per ton of coal or equivalent amount of oil and natural gas. The Heritage Foundation used the U.S. Energy Administration Information’s model to estimate the effect this would have on wage loss for a family of four and determined they would lose about $8,000 per year due to increased energy costs.

Although the climate change folks portray the carbon tax as a step in the solution to high levels of atmospheric carbon, there is a deeper left/socialist agenda more serious than climate change and the carbon tax.

The developers and supporters of the Green New Deal are spending much time convincing innocent young people by giving them a one-sided story of human-caused doom. Search the internet for Sunrise Movement and see what they stand for. These teens and young adults are being tricked into believing that if they work through political action for government control of climate change, they will have wonderful jobs with high wages.

According to their website “We’re building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.” There’s no proof of the good job proposal; it’s an empty promise in return for blind manpower.

I urge everyone to study the Green New Deal as proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Reading past the threat of climate change, it calls for a restructuring of our way of life, promising a wonderful life for everyone: high-paying jobs, everyone has a say in everything, free college, free health care, on and on it drones with endless money flowing to everyone, even those that don’t work (another empty promise). 

In addition, there will be no use of coal, natural gas or oil. We will all be forced to drive electric cars and trucks, and heat our homes with electricity. All workers would be in unions or collectives. The left/socialist folks have been working for many years. The recent petition for “nonpartisan” U.S. congressional redistricting was circulated by them. The leaders are committed and convincing, but wrong. They dream we would be freer under a more controlling government. 

The words free and control are not compatible unless the control comes from within each individual and we certainly need more of that.

David Harris

Eagle River