Letter to the Editor:

After reading  Eric Johnson’s recent columns in the News-Review on drive-ins and naming automobiles, it made me think about old cars and life in Eagle River 50 years ago.

One of the great pastimes when I was growing up in the late 1960s and ’70s was tooling town. The east turnaround was Bonson’s grocery store and Mrs. Gregoire’s (now WalkAbout) and the west was in front of June’s Cafe (now the chamber of commerce building). This was all Highway 45 at that time and us locals and the summer folks would congregate on the sidewalks to watch the cars, and such cars they were.

Phil Dreger’s midnight blue Nova; chrome everywhere.

Bobby Dreger’s black Chevelle, with every horsepower rumbling under the hood.

Kenny ’Movich’s solid gold heavy Chevy, with a black stripe.

Fuzzy Farrell’s big 440.

Bob Tijan’s 1969 sapphire blue Chevelle SS 396.

Freddy Luedke’s 1972 Grand Torino; smoke blue grey with huge rear tires.

Dean Isleb’s 1968 Dodge Dart; shiny copper like a penny.

That rare glimpse of Don Scharf’s 1996 GTO; never beat.

Roger Brewer’s 1970 GTO Judge; bright red/orange.

Don Daley’s AMC from Johnny Joo Rambler.

Curt Ole and Kenny Schels on a Triumph and a Norton; Easy Rider 2.

And so many more . . . 

If there are mistakes above in the year or the motor, I apologize. These are from memory, 50 years ago.

Even now, when I?hear a large block engine crawling through town, like Mikey Mo’s Red SS?Nova, I stop and look. And smile . . .  back to those great days  of summer so many years ago.

Jerry Burkett

Eagle River