Letter to the Editor:

Wake up America.

We are 243 years old. We are a democracy. We have the best country in the world. We have a great Constitution that gives us freedom of speech, right to bear arms; these are just a few that the Democrats are trying to take away.

They have gone so far left with the socialism movement that they aren’t even in left field.

We have our faults in America, but we have what a lot of people wish they had: freedom, security and the greatest military in the world.

America, we are being invaded. It is no longer people applying for a chance to come into America. It’s overwhelming our borders!

Mr. Donald Trump has been trying to stop this for the past three years, but Congress has blocked him at every turn.

They have accomplished nothing good for the past three years. It doesn’t look like they have done anything to help the people who voted and are paying their wages for doing nothing.

As a senior citizen, I have never seen a Congress try to destroy a president for doing his job.

Gene Klumpp