Letter to the Editor:

The Democratic Party’s transformation of America will continue with the next immigrant invasion thanks to sympathetic, gullible citizens being misled by the politicians and biased media propaganda playing up to our goodness and charity. 

As a result, we assume to have 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants in the United States, many living in underground societies. Because of this superficial and glamorized reporting, American citizens are not being told the truth. Here are some of the untold truths.

First is the left’s motive to transform illegal immigrants into unregistered Democrats to convert the red states into blue states for the sake of party power, which is why they protect aliens over U.S. citizens.

Next, we are being tested by the small caravans and the unaccompanied train children, including the recent 4,000 to 6,000 caravans. And now they say a 15,000 caravan is being organized. How do the immigrants pay the $10,000-plus fees for political, cartel and coyote bribes? Who pays for the trucks, trains, food, water and tents?

It has been reported that leftist U.S. groups and corrupt Central American politicians are using their local media to buy the assets and land from villagers for their caravan passage fees with promises of “riches in America.” Then, often they are abused by the coyotes and must pay additional fees resulting in low payment. 

Where is the outrage? The agreed cost of a barrier to protect the southern border was $25 billion, now reduced to $5 billion. The cost of the barrier could easily be paid by assessing a 10% to 25% tax on the estimated $45 billion per year on unauthorized monies sent out of the United States.

The illegal drugs, crime and deaths of our citizens must be stopped. In the United States, drugs kill 47,500 people per year or 130 per day with the profits going to the corrupt politicians, gangs and cartels. More than 1 million sex crimes committed by aliens were reported last year. Have the politicians ever talked to the “angel families?” Also, the threat of gangs and terrorists bringing weapons into the United States exists.

Then, someday, someone illegally crossing our border may be carrying an infectious fatal disease that we have not yet seen, killing thousands. Also noting the many recent bad food alerts, who is processing and picking our food?

Finally, the reported estimated annual cost last year for processing and supporting illegal immigrants, plus the cost of food stamps and free school lunches, was $22 billion a year. Federal welfare and services was $90 billion a year and  state welfare was $11 to $22 billion a year, Medicaid was $2.5 billion a year. Education was $12 billion a year. Then there is $3 million per day to incarcerate criminal aliens which are 30% of federal prisoners. These costs total $338 billion per year, which is costing every taxpayer $2,500 per year. But we can’t afford to build and enforce the barrier?

To save these unnecessary expenses, we need to build a barrier and enforce our southern border. We need to enforce “E-Verify” to catch false or stolen IDs and impose severe penalties for those exploiting the illegal immigrants. We need a solid Visa system and require an annual registration of all aliens in the United States. We need lawful, merit-based immigration. 

We need to challenge Congress to stay in session to address these truths and then fix our immigration policies or close off immigration until the problem is fixed.

James R. Lynn

Eagle River