Dear Editor:

Because even trusting Americans have had enough of what we see closing in around us, I was inspired to write this letter upon reading a recent weekly column by Byron McNutt in which he understandably laments, “No matter how I vote, what I say, how much I pray, something evil has invaded our nation and our lives are never going to be the same.”

Whether by chance or something deeper, the next day I happened upon a spellbinding television interview regarding the newly released, meticulously documented bombshell book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a dying-breed traditional Democrat with obvious insider connections, as well as the courage to confront the most formidable evil of our time.

First, Kennedy contrasts China’s successful home-based early treatment protocol for Covid-19, which employs a range of cheap, time-proven anti-viral drugs, to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s demonization of all such treatments. In our country, vaccinated or not, the afflicted have been typically instructed to stay home untreated until hospitalization is absolutely necessary.

By this late time, a hospital’s limited treatment options usually result in dismal improvement rates primarily because the virus has been allowed to inhumanely overwhelm the patient. In striking comparison, China’s “absolute” death rate stands at a mere 3.5 per million of population while ours is a telling 2,400 (

These obvious night and day outcomes is how Kennedy was able to expose Fauci for strategically implementing a militarized response to a manageable medical crisis via policies intentionally designed not to attack the virus, but rather facilitate public acceptance of an unproven emergency vaccine. And to do so he enlisted the media to orchestrate a fear and propaganda campaign with mass vaccination as the only remedy to getting our lives back to normal.

However, it is revealing that getting back to normal still remains the stated goal into the foreseeable future with nonstop talk about more vaccinations per person even as vaccine injuries continue to climb, coupled with the game-changing government admission that vaccination neither stops infection in the vaccinee nor transmission.

If that’s not enough to raise a red flag, this obsolete formulation of the original experimental vaccine is now being marketed on children television shows to virtually unaffected little kids as a way for them to become a “superhero,” while all eyes are now set on babies!

Then through extensive footnoted research Kennedy weaves in our own military and intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA for their partnerships with Chinese Communist Party military scientists at the virus bank laboratory in Wuhan, China. And as diabolical, they conspired with Fauci, big media and major pharmaceutical companies in using the pandemic as a pretense to implement totalitarian controls intended to eventually abolish personal freedoms wherever they exist around the globe.

Kennedy identified numerous complicated simulations that took place over the past two decades until the perfect strategy capable of coercing intelligent people into giving up their freedoms was agreed upon in late 2019. Thus, with an elitist-driven endgame of forcing a global common good to save the planet, a worldwide pandemic response including never-ending mass vaccination, lock downs, quarantines, dictates, disinformation and censorship continue to stay the course.

Kennedy just cemented his legacy as a true American hero who selflessly brought the big picture into focus so everyone’s basic common sense could fill in the rest. And common sense tells me that being lied to nonstop by these same entities for four straight years that President Trump is a Russian agent is all the evidence I need to fully embrace Kennedy’s revelations.

Frank Gabl

Prospect Heights, Ill.