Letter to the Editor:

We noted the letter from Scott Hanley in the Vilas County News-Review relative to Cranberry Island and its picnic area and wanted to add our family’s support. We couldn’t have said it better.

Our family members have been visiting Cranberry Lake and the Chain of Lakes for over 50 years. We have always appreciated the natural habitat and pristine environment of Cranberry Island. It is a gem that should be preserved.

On quiet days, kayakers, canoeists and paddle boarders skirt the island and enjoy the pristine setting, while hoping to spot the resident eagles, loons, herons, otters, deer and turtles. On busy days, there can be 15 to 20 boats or more parked near the picnic area, enjoying the sandy beach, shallow water and the picnic area and facilities.

We don’t know when or why Vilas County decided to establish the park on the island, but we think it was back in the first half of the 20th Century. The county had the foresight to set aside this piece of paradise, and we and many others have been the beneficiaries ever since.

We applaud their decision then and hope that the current Vilas County managers will find a way to continue to preserve this property. With all the current emphasis on lake management, habitat protection, and shoreline restoration, we hope both residents and visitors will support maintaining this forest as it is — a natural habitat for the enjoyment of all.

As Mr. Hanley wrote, “Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.”

The Baier Family