Dear Editor:

I’m responding to the letter “Time For Responsible Gun Owners To Repeal The Second Amendment” in the Sept. 7 edition. I consider myself a responsible gun owner, and I assert that a vast majority of gun owners are also responsible.

If we all turn in our guns (an absurd and nearly impossible task), who still has their guns? Answer: Irresponsible gun owners! Are we naïve enough to think that criminals are going to turn in their guns? Or is this another delusional dream that’s out of touch with reality.

In my opinion the spiraling violent crime surge in America is caused by a moral decay of American society (due to multiple reasons too many to list, including mental illness), the defund the police movement, and a justice system that fails to punish perpetrators.

Blaming responsible gun owners for this increasingly dangerous problem is shifting responsibility from where it belongs, and that’s with the person who commits the crime (see my letter in the July 13 edition). Again, take responsibility for your actions! Don’t blame responsible gun owners for something we have no control over.

Why is this so hard for so many to understand?

Guy Richter

Rye, Colo.