Letter to the Editor:

An excellent letter in the Vilas County News-Review Sept. 23 addressed the ways in which the Democratic Party playbook has changed. 

The author lists some of the stated goals of the communist party to take over the U.S. of America. While not labeling the Democratic Party as communist, its ever-increasing numbers of radical left members are embracing the socialist tactics of the communist party.

The best descriptor of what is going on in today’s culture is the moral decay tolerated by the Democratic Party. We see riots and looting in Democratic-led cities. Those in charge fail to take firm action. Correspondents from the liberal networks talk about peaceful demonstrations, while in the background we see local businesses on fire.

The Democratic Party does not have a moral compass. How can they when they approve of killing babies in the womb? How can they when they fail to strongly address the prevalence of single-parent families in the black communities? 

All of us suffer when families and society fail to teach our youth to value life and property. There have been white on black crimes committed by police as well as by private citizens. There have also been black on white offenses, usually not as well publicized. But this is not a racist country. A racist country does not elect a black president twice.

Most of us are angry about what is going on. Rioters and looters say that black lives matter, but they have destroyed countless black-owned businesses. Many of these thugs are organized groups. Today (Sept. 24), we saw a U-Haul truck being emptied of riot gear by thugs in Louisville, Ky., before the announcement of a sentence for the policeman charged in an arrest situation.

The shapers of liberal opinion in this country are the schools, the media and the entertainment industry — allies of the Democratic Party. When the public can see through the lies coming from these sources, this country can start to become whole again.

When we vote, we are choosing between the platforms of the two parties. The Democratic platform is morally and intellectually bankrupt. Donald Trump is no saint, but he has done more for this country in less than four years than Joe Biden has in 47 years.

Warren Anderson