Letter to the Editor:

According to Terrance Moe, the wall is a figment of Donald Trump’s delusional imagination. 

That statement is an insult to our agents and other professionals who work on our southern border. They understand the crisis down there and see the need for a physical barrier.

Let’s look at the truth. The Democrats want open borders. If these immigrants suddenly started voting Republican, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would be down on our border organizing work crews to build a wall. 

But for now, Pelosi calls the wall immoral. This typifies the hypocrisy of liberals. The Democratic Party condones separating 60 million babies from their parents through abortion. That is moral bankruptcy. News flash to Pelosi and her party: Don’t try lecturing the American people on moral issues.

Being a true liberal, Moe calls advocates of a wall racist because of “their hatred for brown people.” Never mind that many American brown people agree with our border agents.

This issue is political. The Democrats desperately want the Hispanic vote. More than 10 years ago, people like Sen. Barack Obama, Schumer, Pelosi and the Clintons were in favor of strong barriers on our southern border. June 30, 2014, President Obama was talking about the crisis on our border and the need to keep illegal aliens out. 

Now, they have changed their tune.

Warren Anderson