Letter to the Editor:

America, wake up.

Democrats accuse Mr. Donald Trump of unethical behavior.

There is no collusion and obstruction according to Mueller’s investigation over the past two-plus years.

If this isn’t a witch hunt at the cost of the taxpayers, then the Republican party should investigate all the Democrats that are trying, since day one, to impeach Mr. Trump.

Talk about collusion and obstruction. That’s all that has been going on by the Democrats over these past two-plus years.

They have done nothing in Congress for the people who voted them into office.

They have done nothing to earn the big money they get paid by the taxpayers.

They support socialist government coming our way. Just look at the new members in the House and Congress.

Need I say more?

We have an invasion at our borders and the Democrats are looking the other way.

Enough is enough.

Get on board with the saving of America or step aside.

Gene Klumpp