Letter to the Editor:

We are now witnessing the newest attack in the battle of 2020.

Last week, we saw the 280-point and 1,200-point up and down roller coaster in the stock market manipulated by stock brokers who make commissions on stock sales using the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse.

This action has been coordinated with the leftist’s politicians, fake media and leftovers in the deep state with their planned talking points. They are attempting to scare us into a recession before the November election.

This is continuing the conspiracy to overthrow our elected government and should be called treason.

This technique of jawboning us into a recession to win an election worked for Bill Clinton and by the Barack Obama Democrats who created the Great Recession by forcing Democrat housing policies that sold homes to people who could not afford them and then hid the defective mortgages with other loan documents that almost crashed the banking system.

The Clinton-Al Gore and Obama-Joe Biden regimes have left a trail of corruption and cover-ups, and still haunt us today, which is why they have been constantly trying to remove President Donald Trump.

Their favorite protective technique is to accuse someone else of something they are doing or have already done while inhibiting any legislation that might untransform their version of our country and might give the president a win.

Then, the Democrats have developed a voter base buying votes with our money by promising that the government will give them free everything and if they don’t have enough votes, they will just bring more people into our country and make them Democrats.

Also, we are faced with the threat of a generation of brain-washed youth that have been taught that socialism is great. These clueless will vote for a presidential candidate who is a covert communist.

My generation fought communism in Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War. We remember the KGB and the gulags. We remember the Red Guards and re-education camps. We remember Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s back-room executions and the boat people. And we remember Nikita Khrushchev’s boast that “America is only one generation from having the red flag fly over the White House.” We should never consider becoming the U.S. of Socialist Republics.

So beware of the real reason the left wants to take away our firearms.

They are afraid we will rebel when they try to take away our liberty and freedoms, before they start redistributing our wealth.

The way to fight back is first, to get involved then, find good candidates to represent you and vote in every school, town, county, state and federal election starting with the Tuesday, April 7, spring general election and presidential primary.

James Lynn

Eagle River