Dear Editor:

Initially, I decided to decline writing a response to Byron McNutt’s Dec. 8 column, “Biden: unite, pull together to heal,” until I read Kathleen Severt’s letter Dec. 15, “Socialism is a good thing as programs support people.”

Mr. McNutt wrote, “President-elect Biden has pledged to heal and unify the nation governing as a moderate. Pushing a far-left agenda would bitterly divide the country. Biden won the election because America is fed up with bitter partisanship, divisiveness and dysfunction, said Larry Hogan, the Republican governor of a very blue state of Maryland.”

However, if a politician’s pledges were meant to be taken to the bank, Barack Obama’s reassuring opposition to same-sex marriage and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” would have eventually left ones bank account empty. And since it is obvious that Obama is pulling Biden’s strings, I would suggest not making another deposit.

As for bitter partisanship and divisiveness reaching its boiling point —suggesting President Trump was the toxic brew — we now know that the Obama-Biden administration and its bureaucratic holdovers in Trump’s, together with key Democrats and a willing national media, perpetrated three elaborate hoaxes that consumed the entirety of Trump’s campaign and presidency with each seditiously designed to remove our duly-elected president, or at the very least assassinate his image. 

Likewise, just as poisonous is the mind-numbing bias scandalously displayed in the reporting between Trump and Biden because while the scams of Trump-Russia collusion, the Mueller Investigation and Impeachment were manipulated for maximum damage, most voters just learned that Hunter Biden has been under a genuine criminal investigation for more than a year for alleged serious corruption with China, Russia and Ukraine while his father Joe was vice president.

Ultimately, media suppression worked, since 10% of Biden voters said they would have switched their vote had they known.

McNutt continued, “Anyone refusing to recognize Biden as the president-elect would be making a mistake. That is not good for preserving democracy. We must accept election results.”

Not only do I respectfully disagree, but also maintain that obediently accepting these election results besieged by myriad irregularities, impossible anomalies and illegal voting procedures is in fact what erodes democracy as affirmed by Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Patience Drake Roggensack in her recent blistering dissent, “A significant portion of the public does not believe that the presidential election was fairly conducted. Four justices on this court cannot be bothered with addressing what the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast.” 

As a proud member of that “significant portion” which totals nearly half of likely voters, including 80% of Republicans, I applaud Roggensack’s courage and assert that until disenfranchised Trump supporters regularly speak out and reject illegal voting tactics and their undeserving beneficiaries, America degrades as a whole.

McNutt advised, “There is only one America. If you want socialism or something other than the time-tested American culture, you are urged to move to any other of 100 countries.”

But in light of Ms. Severt’s pro-socialism sentiments alarmingly bubbling up from rural America, coupled with the chilling reality that if the two Senate seats in Georgia’s upcoming run-off elections are flipped to Democrat, the presidency (contingent upon Trump ultimately losing his election fight) and both chambers of Congress will be controlled by Democrats. Meaning, Severt stays and McNutt will be urged to move. 

In a pledge that can be taken to the bank, top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, chanted to a crowd of constituents, “Now, we take Georgia. Then we change America.”

Frank Gabl

Prospect Heights, Ill.