Letter to the Editor:

Congressman Sean Duffy, many things have happened to the people of Wisconsin. My question to you is why do you sit idly by and do nothing? 

In case you are just ignoring the things that are affecting everyone in this state, I will gladly inform you as to what is going on. There is now an attempt to defund the Environmental Protection Agency and doing away with the organization. Well, congressman, any fool would realize that it will cause catastrophic damage to our state and the health of those who reside here.

You have also remained quite silent over the defunding of the Meals on Wheels program. Mr. Duffy, that program effects thousands of needy senior citizens throughout the district that you are supposed to represent, but yet, you remain unheard from.

Also on the chopping block is funding to the many people throughout Wisconsin that suffer from disabilities. So I say to you, stand up for these families. They have enough to contend with in their daily lives.

If you remain quiet and unresponsive on these issues, the people of Wisconsin will gladly elect someone who has empathy and will listen to the people who elected them.

Mark Struble 

Star Prairie