Letter to the Editor: 

One of the greatest strengths of this country is that we are a nation of laws, not of men and that we respect the law, even if we disagree with it. If we oppose a law, we challenge it in a court of law or elect officials to change the law. No man is above the law; not the president and not the publisher of this newspaper.

Any person who undermines respect for the law undermines the foundation of this country.

That is exactly what Donald Trump has done by denigrating federal judges who rule against him. He does not give rational reasons why he objects to their opinions, but insults them personally. 

This is the person that this paper has deemed to be such a role model of good government that his tweets are on this paper’s website.

Now, Publisher Kurt Krueger, using the example of his role model, Trump, castigates federal judges who interpret the endangered species law to prevent states from killing wolves “partisan” and “sympathetic” in the newspaper’s editorial April 10.

Krueger should have told us why he thought the judge was wrong by explaining in detail the ruling and how the ruling was contrary to the law as written by Congress.

Instead, he reverted to form and based his arguments on ad hominem attacks on judges exactly as his role model does.

Trump’s attack on the rule of law does not have to be mimicked in this newspaper.

Edward Blau