Letter to the Editor:

Money, money, money, always follow the money. Almost $1 billion was spent by one presidential candidate and more than $100 million each spent on some senatorial elections.

How many millions were donated through dark money, political action committees, elites, corporations, unions, special interest groups and with George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and other millionaire and billionaire donations from outside the districts and under what conditions?

All this while many Americans are trying to survive while waiting for the next stimulus check!

I’ve always been puzzled about the rags to riches stories about elected officials who, after serving multiple full-time terms in office, have become multi-millionaires living in multi-million dollar homes. How is this possible?

The major political reform we should demand is that elected officials can only accept donations from voters living within their districts. Otherwise, who are they representing?

Another reform should be that all ballots be requested and verified with an ID check for all absentee and in-person voting, and then counted on or before Election Day!

We were told that voter fraud didn’t exist, while the big fix was being put in! We were set up using the virus excuse to mail out ballots to everyone on the poll lists. 

We saw state courts adding back deceased names and persons no longer living in a district. We forewarned that these ballots would be misused illegally and were told “it never happens.”

We saw state officials changing the voting rules and dates. We saw multiple ballots sent out to people.

We saw certain ballots being mislaid or misdated by the postal service.

Then, we saw candidates winning on Election Day and then, losing the next morning or next day after 20,000 to 40,000 additional votes appeared.

Where were these new ballots coming from?

We saw “Chicago-style politics” at work by Democrat Party machines in Philadelphia, Pa., Pittsburgh, Pa., Atlanta, Ga., Detroit, Mich., Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Minn., and Harry Reid’s Nevada.

We are finding voting machine software glitches switching or canceling votes. We have reports that poll workers were filling out ballots and that legal poll watchers being rejected, distanced or blocked from seeing the ballots at one party run counting centers to hide the voter fraud.

Isn’t it amazing that both presidential candidates had all-time high votes, while the losing party held Senate seats and gained many seats in the House, while electing more minorites and women?

The sorriest effect of this election is that political corruption found during the Barack Obama era and during this campaign will remain buried, stalled or ignored by the deep state to the point we may never see justice.

We survived the Obama regime and we need to find a way to survive the next four years.

First, we need to defend two Senate seats from the next billion-dollar fix to prevent a socialist takeover, to control the radical House and to continue the corruption investigations and then, pass realistic bills.

Note: Any statehood for Washington, D.C., must go through a constitutional amendment.

Next, we need to revive the “Tea Party” and “North Woods Patriots,” and be more involved in state and local elections.

Finally, we need to demand truth and fairness from actual facts in the social media, news media and political polling without lying.

James Lynn

Eagle River

Editor’s note: None of the allegations of election fraud in this letter have been confirmed at this time.