Letter to the Editor:

When given clear facts, most Wisconsinites are good judges of right and wrong, playing by the rules, simple fairness.

Businesses that scam customers are soon called out and boycotted. Athletes who dope to win eventually fall from grace. And when politicians of either party rig elections, we have the power to withhold our vote.

In Wisconsin and across the country, voters are becoming aware that new laws to “prevent voter fraud” will keep many eligible citizens from exercising their sacred right to vote.

When Republican leaders say they want to make it hard to cheat, they ignore the fact that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. The real corruption lies in the rigged maps the majority party enacted in 2011, in a locked room away from public scrutiny. 

Wisconsin is now considered one of the most severely gerrymandered states in the nation. We must not let this stand. Fair maps lead to fair elections and government that serves the people, not the politicians.

That’s what voters in Wisconsin want and deserve. The People’s Map Commission offers us an electoral mapping process of transparency, public input, keeping communities of interest intact, and not using voter data to cheat.

Please let your state representatives know what you expect. Your vote is your power. 

Jane Speer

Delafield and Land O’ Lakes