Letter to the Editor:

This past weekend, Margaret Engebretson was in the area and met with groups of voters in several North Woods locations and I was excited to meet her and discuss issues with her. She is running for 7th Congressional District. 

I think her strengths and commitment to the rural areas make her the best candidate not only for the primary Aug. 14, but for the general election. 

Margaret lives in Balsam Lake, a small community in northwestern Wisconsin and understands the issues with living in rural Wisconsin. She believes that we need the same access to health care as everyone else, the need to build a strong economy with access to broadband and the importance of good highways. 

She understands that we have seniors who worry about whether we will have Social Security and Medicare benefits or if they will be cut. Along with the fact that many are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. 

Margaret spent three years of active duty in the U.S. Navy, followed by 21 years in the Guard and Reserve. She went to college and law school in her 30s and after earning her law degree, settled in Balsam Lake, and practiced law, focusing much of her time on Guardian ad Litem work.

Most importantly, she listens to the people of the district and wants to represent us in Washington.

Patrick Pergolski

St. Germain