Letter to the Editor:

It took Scott Walker eight years to fix the problems caused by the last Democratic administration. Now Tony “get even” Evers plans to take us back to the “days of Doyle.” 

The governor’s recent actions and budget plans have disclosed his anti-Trump and Walker mode. First, was the attempt to remove Wisconsin from the ObamaCare lawsuit. 

Next, was bringing home the National Guard from the border by saying a crisis didn’t exist, and then encouraging illegal aliens to come here by promising them driver’s licenses, and proposing a motor-voter law that may enable them to vote to keep the Democrats in power and to be safe in a sanctuary state. 

Then, he plans to pay back the teachers and unions with pay raises, and promises to limit school choice to protect teacher jobs in failing school districts. Then with a thriving economy, low unemployment rates and increased wages, why do we want to increase Medicaid and social service jobs? 

Then, if we don’t have enough problems with drugs coming across the borders and reaching Wisconsin, he wants to legalize pot and eliminate drug tests of welfare recipients. Also he plans to expand BadgerCare coverage to replace ObamaCare!

Next, I maintain my own water wells and septic, so why should responsible communities like Eagle River pay for the lead water pipe problems that were ignored for years by irresponsible Democratic city governments to pay for their belayed local fixes? 

Next, he wants to increase gasoline taxes to fix roads and bridges in areas of irresponsible Democratic governments that will increase the costs of almost everything we buy. Besides weather, overweight trucks do most of the damage to our roads and bridges. So when was the last time you saw a truck weigh station open? 

Then he wants to have city planners tell us how to manage our waters and woods. Does he plan to follow the Democrats’ environmental plans in the dairy state? So “Where’s the Beef” and “Who’s got Milk?”

So who has the governor been listening to? Thank goodness, we still have a Republican Legislature! If the governor’s plans can’t pass the Legislature, does he plan to do a runaround though the courts? 

April 2, we have a chance to save our state! Vote for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice candidate Brain Hagedorn. Please vote Tuesday, April 2, this is very important!


James R. Lynn

Eagle River