Letter to the Editor:

For the past many years, probably at least 25, I’ve been a fan of the Vilas County News-Review. 

But lately, I am becoming irritated to see Mr. Moe’s “Letters to the Editor” frequently appearing in your publication.

If Moe feels so strongly about the ways of the world, why doesn’t he publish his own works? 

Folks who aren’t offended by his rants or even agree with him could subscribe to this paper. 

I’m tempted to discontinue my subscription, but my wife advises me to pick my battles and merely ignore this section of the paper. 

She checks out authors on this page and merely refuses to read any article ending with “Moe.”

My opinion likely doesn’t matter to anyone but myself, but just sayin’.

P. S. Perhaps we could arm Mr. Moe and Mr. Gabl with épées and let them go at it.

Bill Green