Dear Editor:

To the community of Vilas County, while we continue to enjoy the summer and everything Vilas has to offer, the hard work and dedication of the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t go unnoticed.

Captain of Patrol, Gerard Ritter, is a huge part of making sure, not only that community members are safe, but his patrol staff are as well.

Being a former deputy for Vilas County and having Gerard not only as my lieutenant, but captain, he has shown exactly what it means to be a true leader. He has done incredible things to promote positive connections throughout the community, whether it is Reading For Heroes, creating the K-9 program and organizing the 5K run, Vilas County Citizens Academy and so much more.

His off duty time is spent helping his community by volunteering as a coach, mentor, and continuing to promote the positivity throughout the county.

Come Aug. 9, the citizens of Vilas need to get out and vote. Vote for change to not only help the citizens of Vilas, but the entire sheriff’s office, vote for someone who will not retire midterm and have a governor appoint the next sheriff, vote because you have a voice.

Gerard Ritter is a true leader and will continue to serve those in Vilas County with honor and integrity. He goes above and beyond to do so. He has the support and endorsements of fire departments, companies, EMS, several local businesses within the community, and most importantly, the citizens that reside here.

It’s time for a change. Vote Aug. 9, Gerard Ritter for sheriff.

Joy Kohegyi