Dear Editor:

If anyone had confidently stated a year ago that there are mainly two points of view regarding Donald Trump-Russia collusion, they would have been spectacularly wrong.

At the time, the equally held perspective — other than the manufactured binary choice of whether or not then-presidential candidate Trump colluded with Russia to steal the presidency — was the factually based viewpoint that would ultimately render the media-driven collusion narrative an irrelevant premise from its inception. An innocent Trump was framed.

In his “Letter to the Editor” Sept. 4 “Two frames of thought on climate change,” Jeff Laadt asserted “There are mainly two points of view on global warming (climate change). You are either convinced it is an existential threat to life on Earth requiring an urgent and immediate response; or you see the issue as, at worst, a long-term problem that can be solved incrementally by minor tweaks, thereby avoiding any significant economic disruption.”

Quite the contrary.

The equally held perspective regarding man-made global warming is that, in fact, it remains an unproven theory. Not unlike Trump-Russia collusion prior to the key takeaway from the recent game-changing government watchdog report on former FBI Director James Comey that indeed President-elect Trump was framed by the highest levels of the Barack Obama administration.

This being the case, common sense begs the following inescapable questions to ponder.

• Since when is an unproven theory as consequential to our way of life such as man-made global warming just accepted as fact especially considering the multitude of famously failed doomsday predictions over the past four decades? And that’s to say nothing of the logical conclusion that these failed doomsday predictions simply reinforce its unproven status; if not utterly debunk the theory altogether.

• And perhaps even more important at this critical juncture in time with a watershed election looming, why should anyone trust the same political party that orchestrated a banana republic-style overthrow of a duly-elected president or a national media that drove the narrative?

Frank Gabl

Prospect Heights, Ill.