Letter to the Editor:

Lisa Brouillette from Florence, in her Dec. 2 letter, says wearing a mask is patriotic and common sense.

I want to be a wise, loyal subject of the state so I need some clarification. I have a yellow, paper-tin mask in my SUV’s rather unsanitary cupholder. 

You mean that mask?

The one I accidently dropped on the dirty floor at the grocery store? That one? The one I spilled barbecue sauce on at the local restaurant? That one? The one I unfortunately can smell last night’s chili through as it emanates from my unsuspecting jeans? That one? Or is it the face shield I inadvertently sneezed in and watched in horror as the slimy liquid dripped out? Maybe that one?

I think common sense tells us the above mask and shield, that almost all people are wearing, don’t stop viruses. Why are cases so high if they work so great?


You also claim that it is a “too often lethal virus” that is out of control. Propoganda!

More than 99% of those infected live. Stop manipulating the numbers like the government, and the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Surely you understand that all three entities are profiting enormously from the “pandemic.”

It’s also kind of interesting that you never hear about the common flu anymore. Was there a cure for it that I missed or is it now all COVID-19? Seems like heart attacks, cancer, strokes, auto deaths, suicides and most causes of death are COVID-19-related.

Lies! You have every right to give up your feedoms over the misinformation you have ingested.

Thank God for real patriots who research and question ridiculous mask mandates, lockdowns and other generally Democrat-driven Orwellian measures. And then, choose not to comply. Those are the citizens we need that really care about their country.

Let me add this. If you have made peace with your maker and have your spiritual house in order, what are you afraid of? Don’t make everyone else’s life hell because you aren’t ready.

Give it some thought.

Bob Evensen

Amherst and Phelps