Letter to the Editor:

I would like to address the Letter to the Editor that was submitted by Marsha Herman of Sun Prairie in last week’s paper. She was very concerned with the Three Lakes Fire Department’s gun raffle.

Three Lakes Fire Department, like most fire departments in the North Woods, is a volunteer fire department. Their raffles help raise funds for them to continue helping our communities and saving lives. 

Your “shock” that the fire department was sponsoring the raffle when they have “witnessed more than their fair share of tragedies brought on by guns” causes me to ask “What else should they not raffle: cars, bikes, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, grills, stoves, candles?”

This is the North Woods. People love to hunt here. Our schools have trap teams. Guns are part of our way of life; not for everyone, of course, but for a majority. If you are so offended at the raffle, please do not buy a ticket.

As far as you “not patronizing businesses that promote this raffle,” they are supporting their fire department that helps keep them safe.

Before you come into an area, judge us, condemn us and try to publicly shame us, please take the time to understand the community. Know that North Woods people are friendly, neighborly and would do most anything for a person in need. We support our fire departments, police departments and first responders.

You asked to hear our thoughts on your letter. These are mine.

Jennifer L. Raatz

Eagle River