Letter to the Editor:

Dear disgruntled Wisconsinites:

As Bill Clinton once said, “I feel your pain.” Imagine how you must feel after voting in a governor and attorney general and then, having these nasty Republicans passing laws that will effectively tie Tony Evers’ hands as he tries to undo as much of the Scott Walker agenda as possible.

I have the solution to your woes. Come to the great state of Illinois. We still have many of the problems that Walker solved. We still have bloated public pensions where one gets a 3% raise every year after age 62, even school superintendents with $200,000 pensions. We also have toll roads, a state lottery and as many or more casinos than Wisconsin.

But most of all, we have debt, big debt. The pension debt in Chicago, Ill., is huge, as is Cook County’s, as well as the entire state of Illinois. We just elected a new Democratic governor to go with our own Democratic speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, who’s been speaker for 34 years.

Our new governor does know how to reduce real estate taxes. He removed 18 toilets from one of his mansions, making it uninhabitable and eligible for a huge tax reduction (legal).

The best scenario I give you about Illinois is that we are now nearly devoid of any Republicans in higher offices. As a bonus, we have recently been declared a sanctuary state and Medicaid recipients can receive abortions through nine months.

Illinois is the perfect place for disgruntled Wisconsin Democrats, a democratic state with huge debt brought on by many years of liberal policies. 

As Drew Carey said, “Come on down.”

Paul A. Berg

Morton Grove, Ill.