Letter to the Editor:

In reading a recent publication of the Vilas County News-Review, I came across an obituary of an acquaintance of mine.

The summary that was written to honor his life revealed to me the blatant lies that our liberal politicians, corporate giants, global elites and other devious players like biased media and destructive educators have been pedaling.

The obituary described a man who was born in Chicago, Ill., in 1925.

It stated that when he was too little to harvest, he brought water to the workers in the fields.

After serving his country at war, he returned to work multiple “hard” jobs. This experience provided to him the means to retire early.

The truth is being told here. This man “earned” his 96 years.

This is who Black Lives Matter wants us to believe was privileged, and that he did not deserve what he worked for and earned as a free citizen in the United States of America.  

Why are so many people willing to sit silent as the parade of lies goes by?

We know that the narrative being told about our families and our history is being distorted and canceled.

As an American who loves this country and the freedom it provides, I am astonished at the indoctrinated people in our society who are looking to destroy it.

I have to sit and wonder why, what is the goal?

It is shared values and love of freedom that has united the people who call the United States of America their home.

When others who are less educated want to tear apart what others have sewn together, it becomes even more important to preserve the past.

Stop allowing the lie of white privilege to be pushed. Stand up for truth.  

Teresa Dorn

Land O’ Lakes