Letter to the Editor:

“The will of the people shall be the law of the land.”

This quote, by former Gov. Robert LaFollette, is enshrined in our state Capitol and reminds us that democracy depends on the ability of the people to exercise their right to vote and that their votes must count.

In our current state of affairs, these rights are already limited and being further eroded.

The gerrymandered electoral maps in Wisconsin and many other states discount millions of votes and create “safe seats” that allow legislators to ignore their constituents.

We have seen the effects of this in Wisconsin where the Republican Party has worked much harder to maintain their illgotten power than to serve the people.

In New York and Illinois, it is the Democratic Party that has promoted gerrymandered maps.

Here in Wisconsin, the Republican Party severely rigged the electoral maps in 2011, which cemented their majority.

No matter which party rigs the maps, the voters end up being the losers.

The ruling party becomes the “law of the land” and voters of both parties become disillusioned when government does not serve them.

In addition to gerrymandering, current Republican leaders are enacting voting restrictions in Wisconsin and across the country that are likely to keep millions of people from voting.

And they are doubling down on creating doubt about fair elections, despite evidence that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. We cannot let these threats to our democracy prevail. 

If ever there was a time that proves democracy must be fought for, it is now. We have the power to inform our state and federal representatives that we want nothing less than fair electoral maps and conditions that make it easier, not harder, for voters to cast their ballots.

And we will only vote for candidates who pledge to meet these expectations.

Jane Speer

Delafield and Land O’ Lakes