Letter to the Editor:

5G technology, have you heard of it?

We are aware of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and their harmful health effects. In fact, EMF is known as the most dangerous form of pollution because we cannot hear, see or smell it. 

We are exposed to these EMF, which are often classified as low-level radiation, on a daily basis with the 2G, 3G and 4G technologies that have been in place through the past number of years.

Military personnel have confirmed that 5G technology is frequency warfare that has been used in the past to disarm and harm the enemy. Exposure to this microwave radiation, even at low levels, has already proven detrimental to the health of birds, insects, people and entire ecosystems.

The supposed goal is to install 300,000 small 5G satellites to already existing structures such as lampposts, buildings, cellphone towers, etc., which is necessary due to its short wave.

Due to the connection between 5G and detrimental health issues, people across the nation, as well as in other countries, are striving to ban the implementation of this dangerous technology.

Will you take a stand to keep 5G out of our state? Sign the petition to save Wisconsin from the harmful invasion of 5G by visiting change.org/wisconsin-ban5g.

Allison Dickman