Dear Editor:

For this moment, put aside immediate hot-button issues bearing irreconcilable convictions that divide us as a nation over the controversial engineering and origins of Covid-19 and its experimental vaccines, widespread election fraud, and the Jan. 6 setup.

It is then legitimate to say that upward of 90% of this country has overwhelmingly more in common with one another than what we’ve been brainwashed to believe on a nonstop basis for the past 15 years.

Even so, it’s our ingrained “it can’t happen here” American arrogance that’s mainly responsible for our reckless complacency which has allowed socialists and communists from within our own institutions to partner with totalitarian global elites for the express purpose of systematically destroying our nation. And the evil they have in store for us going forward is well-documented.

For example, the digital dollar eventually will replace our deep-rooted system of currency including cash, and thus has the potential of being the most dramatic freedom grab Americans have ever been subjected to by way of federal control over society as they so determine. Since the currency will be programmable, traceable and controllable directly through a person’s unique digital identification code, we could be forced via Chinese-style social credit scoring as to when, how and where our money can be spent according to wide-ranging dictates such as vaccination status, gender, political and religious affiliation, etc. And initial stages could be unleashed this year. (Search: “National Review - Digital currency would enlarge surveillance state.”)

Then there’s the first-ever pandemic treaty between 194 sovereign nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) coming this year or next if Senate Democrats continue blocking Republicans’ action against it. The treaty ultimately transfers a nation’s health-care autonomy to the unilateral decision-making authority of WHO’s director-general who currently is a puppet of Communist China. The binding changes initiated by none other than the Biden administration to the existing International Health Regulations that I wrote about last year will now form the framework for the tyrannical treaty. (

Enter Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the prominent lifelong Democrat and newly announced 2024 Democratic Party presidential candidate who practices a similar worldview with a blend of conservatism and classical liberalism as his renowned father and iconic uncle. Both projected the patriotic spirit that the United States is an inspiration to the world, long before Republican President Reagan propelled the unifying ideal of a “shining city on a hill” into national consciousness of which President Trump sought to revive with the mission to first “Make America Great Again.”

Many conservatives and liberals of yesterday’s Democratic Party, better known today as your father’s Democratic Party, have left the ideology they have little in common with anymore, and as such, don’t vote or have switched to Republican.

Kennedy is an ardent supporter of the Constitution, truth, transparency, patriotism, free speech and worship, commonsense environmentalism including hunting and fishing, individual liberty, private property rights, legal immigration, a vibrant middle class which includes rural America, a strong military to defend our best interests, restrictions on abortion, law and order, vaccine safety and national unity.

Obviously, I have no illusions that Kennedy would ever be allowed to win the Democratic Party primary. Rather, it’s about the realistic possibility of a victorious and unifying Trump-Kennedy ticket that would resoundingly end this totalitarian madness a vast majority of Americans find themselves despairing through today as they will into the future with the status quo.

Feel the energy yourself by searching online: “C-SPAN–Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Announces 2024 Presidential Campaign” and “The RFK Tapes–Tablet Magazine.”

Frank Gabl

Fairview, Tenn.