Letter to the Editor: 

Mr. Kurt Krueger starts out the new year (In the Outdoors column in Jan. 1 issue) as he ended it, by carrying on his vendetta against wolves. Again, he goes one step farther in not so subtly endorsing and perhaps even encouraging people to break the law by killing wolves which, like it or not, are endangered.

He mentions hunters and farmers as those most likely to break the law for they feel they have been damaged by wolves. Farmers receive compensation for any animals killed by wolves and hunters must suffer in silence if they think wolves have prevented them from bringing home a deer.

To be logical, Krueger also should advocate the illegal killing of bears, which kill as many deer as wolves, coyotes and foxes; all of which are known to prey on deer.

And would Krueger support me if I illegally kill the deer who come to our property to devour rare native flora and bushes, grasses and flora that we have paid for? Or if I fear physical and financial damage if my SUV hits one on the road or illness and even death from deer tick- borne diseases such as lyme, the powassan virus, babesiosis, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis? 

I fear not, for logic and science are not in his tool kit.

Edward Blau