Letter to the Editor:

I would just like to say that the American media, judges and Supreme Court of the United States have done everything in their power to help bring socialism to America.

They let the Congress House spend three years on impeaching Mr. Donald Trump. You want to talk about fraud.

Nobody seemed to care how long or how much time and taxpayers money would be used and yet, when Mr. Trump asked to have limited absentee ballots sent in, for three months they ruled against Mr. Trump.

The whistleblowers were fired when they came forward to speak up of fraud. I don’t care who you are. This election smells like a setup to bring America to its knees. Even some media had polls taken when they said Joe Biden won.

Sixteen percent of the people who said they voted for him have said if they would have known what his agenda was, they would have changed their votes.

Gene Klumpp