Letter to the Editor:

I read Mr. Jeff Laadt’s ridiculous commentary of July 6 in which he states that blaming gun violence on mental illness is misguided.

I repeat the old cliche, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

I would add to that, mentally unbalanced people kill people, especially in the case of mass murders by a lone suspect. In all of Mr. Laadt’s examples, the murderers either had an axe to grind or were outright delusional.

A great recent example of this behavior occurred July 4 in Highland Park, Ill., where 22-year-old Bobby Crimo III killed seven innocent people for no apparent reason. This young man had threatened all the members of his family with death when he was 19. He also had a collection of 16 knives and a dagger which were confiscated by the police.

The police were also summoned to his home when he was contemplating suicide. If this were one of my sons, I would conclude that I had a real problem child on my hands.

However, in steps the great state of Illinois, with its FOID (firearm owner’s identification) card provisions, intended to keep the mentally ill from weaponizing. When Bobby applied for his FOID card, the Highland Park Police wisely shut it down, only to be overruled and approved by the state police after Bobby’s father supported his son.

We do need a law to keep all weapons out of the hands of anyone having specific mental problems early on, to be reviewed at age 30. Unfortunately, many of the guns used in inner city crime are obtained illegally.

Finally, I suggest that Mr. Laadt invite some young people with mental problems to his home for a picnic so he can experience a reality check.

Paul Berg

Morton Grove, Ill.