Dear Editor:

This letter was sent to Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Sen. Ron Johnson.

Respectfully, I am writing you to ask you to absolutely stop Scott Pruitt’s nomination to be the head of our Environmental Protection Agency. I feel like asking my great-grandchildren to go to Washington D.C. and ask for the same thing. 

I have never been active as a Democrat, but for your information Sen. Ron Johnson you are still one of my senators to call on. I am sure Sen. Tammy Baldwin will try her best, but what about you, Mr. Johnson? I cannot believe anybody in their right mind would be supporting any of Donald Trump’s staff members thus far. Does he not realize that his supporters are now turning away?

We live on this planet and we will die here as well, but it should not be a result of carelessness and greed on the part of those who deny there is urgency to the action we must take now. It would be unforgivable to leave the destruction for our children and grandchildren, and the rest of the world who may not have the technology to do what needs to be done.

I cannot believe the idiocy of those who say climate warming is not true. Probably — that does imply that those who do not care — is because they think “Heck, I’ll be dead by then.” Like I said before, carelessness, greed and probably, pure politics.

Please consider carefully what I am asking you both to do. Know one thing. I will be watching for your accountability on this huge, dangerous issue, and will let my friends and neighborhood people in Wisconsin know what I see you do or not do.

Gail Gumness