Letter to the Editor:

Then candidate Donald Trump promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with something “terrific.” The plan has now been released and the only one using that adjective is Paul Ryan. 

Heritage Action for America and Club for Growth, two very Republican groups, have just come out against it. One thing the House Republicans have accomplished in writing a bill that almost no one on either side is happy about is giving the wealthy and the insurance companies a huge tax cut. 

For the rest of us the bill does this:

• Revokes the Medicaid expansion after 2020, likely kicking millions off the program.

• Replaces that guarantee with per capita allotment for the states, which then will be free to reduce benefits and remove people.

• Replaces subsidies with tax credits (based on age rather than income), skimpier than the previous subsidies. The largest amount, $4,000, is far from the actual cost of insurance, particularly for older Americans and includes persons with incomes up to $75,000.

• A flat tax credit does not go up when premiums rise, unlike ACA subsidies tied to income. Subsequently, when premiums go up, too bad.

• No individual mandate means that the insurance pool will shrink and potentially have an old, sick pool driving up premiums, insurers fleeing and markets collapsing.

• The older person who might be charged up to three times more under ACA, now could be charged up to five times more, while only getting two times as much tax credit.

• Huge tax cut to the wealthy in line for a $50,000 average tax cut; the top 1% for a $195,000 average tax cut.

The health care now proposed will become unaffordable for millions of younger, older and more vulnerable Americans, and will increase costs and again, benefits the wealthiest of Americans.

Judith Maloney

St. Germain