Dear Editor:

Every winter, bobcats, coyotes and other animals are legally killed without reason in Wisconsin. 

Often, they are eliminated in “killing contests,” where people with guns blast away for the sake of killing and get rewarded. Money is awarded to the biggest murderer for killing the most coyotes, the biggest, the smallest, etc.

This is not hunting. This is state-sanctioned animal genocide. These animals lose their lives because some people like to see blood and shoot rifles. 

This gratuitous killing of top predators in a time when we have lost 60% of all animals in my lifetime is insane. It makes no sense to kill top predators in a state where deer are overpopulated, leading to little forest regeneration and loss of crops. 

Is it any wonder we have trouble with gun violence in our society when we allow killers in the forest to kill just for the sake of it? There is no science behind these massacres. There is no environmental need for the destruction of these animals.

As far as I see it, the same people also will have no regard for any of Earth’s natural gifts. What’s missing is respect. Gratuitous killing has neither respect nor understanding of the life giving systems that we rely on. Killing for sport is wrong.

An agency to contact for more information is the Department of Natural Resources  at

Juliee de la Terre