As we wrap up an unprecedented year marked by a global pandemic, a historical presidential election and tough economic times for many Americans, we’ve assembled some issues that deserve a final commentary.

CHEERS to the frontline workers in essential businesses and professions, including teachers, store clerks and others employed in key industries impacting the supply chain for food and essential goods.

CHEERS to the health-care professionals who bravely staffed hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and emergency rooms as the coronavirus threatened their health and well-being.

JEERS to President Donald Trump for not accepting his election defeat with the same respect and dignity that virtually every former president has shown for our republic and electoral college voting system — the same one that got him elected four years ago.

CHEERS to the City of Eagle River for its persistence in seeking state grant monies to perform vital reconstruction work on Pleasure Island Road, and to the Northland Pines School District for adding funds to the local share of construction costs.

CHEERS to the U.S. Congress for striking a compromise on a second coronavirus relief package that will bring another $900 billion to small businesses, unemployed workers, virus vaccination efforts and other areas of economic stimulus.

JEERS to the Department of Transportation (DOT) for the terrible condition of Highway 70 on the east and west sides of Eagle River, for they have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on patching instead of the repaving the state highway has seriously needed for several years.

CHEERS to the DOT for repaving the long stretch of deteriorated Highway 70 between Highway H west of Eagle River and St. Germain, which was in miserable shape for more than a year.

JEERS?to the Vilas County Board of Supervisors for not maintaining a parks and recreation director on the county forest considering the importance of tourism and outdoor recreation here.

CHEERS?to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for attempting to permanently delist wolves in Wisconsin, but JEERS to a delisting effort that included all 48 of the lower states instead of just the four that deserved it — Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Wyoming.

JEERS to Gov. Tony Evers for doing nothing the past two years to correct state-set shoreland zoning regulations that Republicans destroyed by stripping away local control from counties. Snuck into law through a budget bill, the changes wiped out Vilas County’s cutting-edge lake sensitivity protection program.

CHEERS to those caring, compassionate people who have chosen to wear masks as a proactive way to stop the spread of COVID-19, the disease linked to the coronavirus.

Behind the editorial ‘we’

    Members of the Vilas County News-Review editorial board include Publisher Kurt Krueger, Editor Gary Ridderbusch and reporters Doug Etten and Michelle Drew.