Letter to the Editor: 

The sky is falling . . .  

The left believe that accusing the Republican Party (GOP) of destroying our democracy or of racism will keep them in power for eternity. They accuse the GOP with twisted facts, no facts and straight out lies. They stretch the truth so often they can’t even see the truth. 

The bill passed by the house, they say, will ensure all are created equal. This bill does not protect everyone. This bill allows persons who are born male to compete against women in high school and college sports.

Under current laws, Title 9 protects women’s sports,. This new bill will destroy women’s sports forever. This is only one part of the bill; other parts are just as bad. 

The left believes the GOP is racist because they would rather support millions of women than support this bill. These bills are not what they are sold as. I urge you to read these bills do not believe what your told.

The next bill the house passed is H.R. 1, the “for the people act.” This is the most dangerous bill America ever passed. This bill takes the states rights away in running elections. It says states cannot require ID to vote.  

If you think the 2020 elections were bad, you don’t want this bill passed by the senate. The only way to ensure election integrity is for states to require identification. One person one vote. A centerpiece of democracy.  

Georgia’s new law requires identification and the left are lying again and crying racism. Georgia has expanded early voting even to include weekends so everyone has an opportunity to vote. The law restricts political groups from passing out water and food within 150 feet of the polling places. However, the polling place can pass out water to those in line if there were a need. So tell me what part of Georgia’s bill is a danger to our democracy? What parts are racist?

We as a country have been fed so many lies. I can understand why people think the way they do. 

So don’t tell me people who are working in my best interest and the best interest of America, such as Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany, are a danger to our democracy. 

The danger lies in those who will stand on a pedestal and lie to Americans screaming racism.

Karen Kolodziej

St Germain