Dear Editor:

Just read Kurt Krueger’s column on the scribbler having lived the dream for 40 years in the Dec. 26 issue. I can relate to your experience totally.

In a lot of ways, I envy you for being able to live the dream 24/7 for 40 years in person right in this area. In contrast, except for five years, I have always had to live Up North for three months or less per year. 

So, I guarantee you I identify with those salmon in the nature specials putting all their heart into jumping in and swimming upstream, back to the place of their birth where they are bonded.

The other part of your 40-year experience is professional, where you and your team have been exceptional. For the people like me who experience their favorite place from a distance most of the year, the Vilas County News-Review and The Three Lakes News have and continue to be their lifeline to the dream.

I always had the sense that the newspapers here, both of them at various times for me, were and are just about the best that a weekly newspaper can be. It is very gratifying to see that your professional associations have seen fit to award these newspapers the highest honors in their field, validating what I am sure many of your readers and subscribers have intuitively felt to be the case.

So to Krueger, Gary Ridderbusch and your team, kudos on a continuing basis. To subscribers, keep subscribing and spread the news about a newspaper worth time and money.


Jim Flanders

Three Lakes