Letter to the Editor:

Ron Johnson has been a good senator for Wisconsin and our country. During his two terms in office, his work in committees has been outstanding. He knows how to ask the right questions. And we need him to return to the Senate for a third term so that he can continue. This is why he has become a target from the left with all the smears.

Most of the money for this negative advertising has come from outside of Wisconsin. Why do we allow these “out of state” elitists, millionaires and groups to have any influence on voting in Wisconsin?

If we really want to reform politics, there should be a rule that elective candidates can only accept donations from registered voters residing in their districts. Otherwise, who are they representing?

Hopefully, this rule would help to restrict the excessive money wasted on negative advertising and instead, give us more positive campaigns that will give us of the information we really need to make good decisions when we vote.

Another positive effect would put the focus on the voter, and eliminate the paybacks from foreigners, corporations, unions, political-action committees and special interest groups seeking power over our politicians.

We must give back the power to “We the People,” clean out the political abuses and corruption, and save our Constitution and democratic republic from the anti-American social Democrats.

If you want to turn our country around and “save America,” be aware of the lies and get all the real facts. Get all of your family and friends to vote Tuesday, Nov. 8.

This is the most important thing you will do this year.

James Lynn

Eagle River