Letter to the Editor:

This is a response to Mr. Anderson’s letter in Opinions/Commentary in the July 31 issue of the Vilas County News-Review.

I have no doubt that Mr. Anderson will vote Republican next year, because he believes in the Republican Party’s platform just as I will be voting Democratic because I believe in the Democratic Party’s platform.

What is hard to understand though is how an evangelical Bible-quoting Christian could be so hypocritical as to support and vote for a morally-corrupt and racist president, who has been documented to have lied to the public thousands of times since being elected.  

To use Mr. Anderson’s own example of a surgeon operating on his child, the fact is there is never only one qualified surgeon available. There are many equally competent surgeons who also are caring and honest in this country. We don’t have to settle for the one with loose morals who has no empathy and is unlikely to tell us the truth about our chances for a successful surgery; the surgeon who also lies about the number of procedures he’s done and gives priority to the patient who can pay him more money to get the job done. Is that really the physician you’d pick to operate on your child?

And if one measures a robust economy by the strong stock market that Donald Trump’s tax cut might have caused — which yes, has increased the wealth of those who can afford to invest in the market — it should also be noted that same tax cut also has caused an increase of $2 trillion (count those zeroes, $2,000,000,000) in the national debt, contrary to Trump’s promise. Furthermore, Trump’s highly touted low-unemployment record just happens to have been initiated by the Barack Obama administration.

Vote Republican or vote Democrat in 2020, as your heart leads you, but Trump for another term is just a very bad choice for this country, no matter which party you choose. 

We have better options in both parties.

Fred Duerkop

Watersmeet, Mich.