Letter to the Editor:

I’d like to express my viewpoint regarding the letter titled “Gun violence spurred by firearms, not mental illness” in the July 6 edition.

I disagree with the author’s statement that these terrible crimes are committed by “an angry young person, most often male and white.” Why even mention “male and white?” Why not stop with “angry young person?” Why should that matter to anyone?

These people are sick, no matter what color. Your racist comment only further promotes the deep divide within our great country.

Furthermore, I assert that “thinking” is mental functioning. This mental functioning becomes infected (for a number of reasons too many to list) with extreme emotions of anger, rage, hurt, jealousy etc. in certain young people (of all colors, by the way). They act out in terrible ways. Their mental state is not stable. They need help. They are not well. They are ill. So it is called mental illness.

I also assert that these young people are mentally unstable. Nearly all have planned their attack in advance. They thought about how, where and when, which takes purposeful thinking. When they planned, thought about, relished and carried out the carnage, they are responsible for the carnage. Not the gun. Pretty simple.

We must take responsibility for our actions, not blame an inanimate object. Then we can focus on the real problems which plague our nation and society. Mental problems that cause horrendous actions (often with guns) that we must address, for the sake of future generations.

So instead of “save your thoughts and prayers” as you stated, I suggest that you encourage thoughts and prayers for all the lost young souls who need help. Mental help. To cure their mental illness. To prevent them from committing another unspeakable act. And to help heal our great country.

Guy Richter

Rye, Colo.