Letter to the Editor:

When I was a child, great emphasis was placed on being honest and I had a few stern reprimands when I failed to do so. My mom said, “Just because you said it, doesn’t make it so.”

In a news release on Jan. 24, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (7th District) said, “New evidence reveals that abortion providers like Planned Parenthood do little other than provide abortions.”

When I started out on my own, I used Planned Parenthood to provide medical care and yearly exams. In fact, a pre-cancerous condition was found and treated there. Since then, my foster daughter used Planned Parenthood for her exams when she left college. I am now her child’s grandmother.

Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report for October 2013-September 2014 shows abortion totals 3% of all services provided, and when Politifact looked at it another way, using patient numbers, those who used non-abortion services totaled 87%. 

What services? Tests, procedures, contraception, pregnancy testing, cancer and prevention procedures, prenatal services and other health-related services impacting over 8.9 million people.

Two things: One, federal dollars currently cannot go toward abortion except in rape, incest or risk of mother cases so the point is moot. Two, the real motive then, would have to be to shut down Planned Parenthood at any cost. Truth or untruth doesn’t seem to matter.

Motives are a funny thing. They are intended to be hidden, but oftentimes are quite transparent. I personally don’t care what side of the issue you fall on. I do care about reputable politicians, integrity and honesty, however.

Calling reputable news outlets fake so they won’t question government behavior, introducing strict voter ID rules which disenfranchise huge numbers of voters that favor one political party, and making up stories based on questionable anti-abortion group videos by those who definitely have a motive — these are transparent and dishonest motives.

Just saying it, Sean Duffy, does not make it so.

Judith Maloney

St. Germain