Letter to the Editor:

In response to Mr. Albert Bob’s letter in last week’s paper:

I just finished reading Mr. Albert Bob’s letter about the black child lawn ornament on the Three Lakes Chain.

Mr. Bob, those lawn ornaments have been around longer than you. They are part of our American history. For you to say that this is offensive to the people of Vilas and Oneida counties and our guests is out of line. The political “correctiveness” (sic) in this country has gotten way out of line.

You say that this statue is offensive to you. What’s next Mr. Bob? The Indian chief on Catfish Lake. The helicopter at the VFW. This is all just ridiculous. I suppose that you even support the removal of the confederate statues in the South. More history gone. 

We, in this area, live by the U.S. Constitution, just to remind you that freedom of speech is one of the rights given to us by the First Amendment.

I have a suggestion for you, Mr. Bob, if the black child offends you, don’t look at it, or move.

In fact: Your letter Mr. Bob, offends me. I suggest it be removed.

Gregg Darton