Letter to the Editor:

I greatly enjoyed reading the Letter to Editor from Nancy Vogt in the Aug. 18 Vilas County News-Review.

I wholeheartedly agree with Nancy. I also have some experience in living in “white privilege” society. 

I spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army.  The military did not talk about critical race or anything that supports divisiveness or discriminations. 

You received your promotions based on professionalism, knowledge and experience along with proper schooling. An officer like I was or an enlisted soldier was promoted on experience and schooling, not on race or gender.  

I did, however, see a few times when a senior officer may ask to see if more women or a particular race should be looked at more closely for promotions. However, this was rare and only happened on a rare occasion. 

I never saw “white privilege” in the military.  One was never promoted because he or she was white. Some politicians are trying hard to divide this great nation and it is wrong. A politician needs to walk in the boots of a soldier, sailor or airman and then they will see patriotism, professionalism and without any discontent.

Nancy spelled it out very nicely in her letter and I wholeheartedly support her letter.

Howard Wolf

U.S. Army, LTC. (Ret.)

Eagle River