Letter to the Editor:

The July 24 edition of the Vilas County News-Review had a short article announcing that the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library would be hosting a presentation by Rev. Angela Denker two days later. She is author of the book “Red State Christians.” She spent a year traveling the country trying to discover why Christians voted for Donald Trump.

My question to Denker would be “Why would people of faith not vote for the Republican candidate when the Democratic platform is so contrary to many of our basic beliefs?” Trump is not the nicest guy in the room, but he is getting the job done in fine fashion. 

I have used this analogy before. If your child needed heart surgery and the best surgeon available had Trump’s personality, would you rather choose a nice person who is much less qualified? One whose poor results speak for themselves and who will not abandon outdated techniques that have been shown to be unsuccessful?

This is the situation with Christians voting for Trump. We see the philosophy of the Democratic Party as morally and intellectually bankrupt. Just look at the crew of candidates vying for the party’s presidential nomination. They are best described as baby-killing socialists. They want to see abortion legal at any time during a nine-month pregnancy. They advocate “free” medical care and college tuition. This is the promise of the proverbial free lunch to a gullible electorate.

Democrats want open borders because they see illegal immigrants as eventual Democratic voters. Christians want legal immigration policies along with secure borders. Nehemiah was an Old Testament hero who responded with gusto when God commanded him to build that wall around Jerusalem. He and his team did this in spite of intense resistance from their enemies; the Democrats of his day?

Democrats are frustrated because the economy under Trump is doing so well. Unemployment for blacks and Hispanics is at record lows. Socialism will not yield anywhere near this kind of success. Just look at Venezuela and other failed examples.

There is a work ethic promoted in the Bible urging us to see work as a blessing as well as a responsibility, but there is a warning. “If any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

Liberals are quick to label anyone that disagrees with them as racist. Christians see hope for the disadvantaged of any race if we abide by biblical principles. One organization profiled recently in the Wall Street Journal has put forth a “success formula.” Stated simply, a young person should get at least a high school education, get a job, get married and then, have children.

This is not theory. Studies show that it works. The socioeconomic differences between married black and white Americans is small. But the discrepancies between the two races generally are large because of the fact that 72% of black babies are born outside of wedlock. And the best predictor of poverty is the single-parent family.

To love others is to wish the best for them. We can do no better for our neighbors than to encourage them to adhere to the biblical message. Work hard, follow God’s plan for sexuality, marriage and family.

Trump is appointing judges and promoting policies that further the interests of Americans. Christians know that his Democratic opposition would move us in a dangerous direction. Thus it is imperative that we vote for someone like Trump and his philosophy.

Warren Anderson