Letter to the Editor:

I’ve always found the Vilas County News-Review to be well-balanced in the way they respect the opinions of their readers and allow them the opportunity to express their views by addressing a letter to the editor. It’s truly the sign of a good newspaper.

But I find myself questioning whether the News-Review should give credence to readers who spout hyperbole that, unfortunately, some other readers might take as an accurate reflection of the “real world.”

I’m referring to a Letter to the Editor printed in the April 7 issue from a couple regarding the wolf hunt. The couple disagrees with Kurt Krueger’s assessment of the recent wolf hunt and they are welcome to disagree. After all, this is still America. However, the couple seems to have confused “blood-thirsty criminals” with “sportsmen and hunters.”

The outlandish and unsubstantiated claims of “hunters” chasing down wolves on snowmobiles and torturing the animals, if true, are not the actions of hunters, they are the actions of criminals. The two should not be confused.

David Mathias

Iron River, Mich.