Letter to the Editor:

We would like to remind property taxpayers to talk with their assessor or attend their town/city open book meeting to review the assessment roll if they question the assessed value of their property. 

Some municipalities have open book meetings starting in April. 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome at the open book meeting then you can appeal the assessment at the board of review, which is a panel of your local officials. 

The board of review meetings are held between April and December and will be listed in your local papers, posted at your town/city hall and on the town/city website if they have one. You also may contact your town/city clerk or your assessor to determine the date and time of the open book and board of review meetings. 

You can visit the Department of Revenue website at revenue.wi.gov/internet/slfborcalendar-inquiry to check an open book and board of review calendar to find out if your municipality has posted the dates on the calendar. This site also will list your clerk’s and assessors’ name and phone number. 

The law requires a precise order to follow and specific information to be presented when appealing your assessment. 

For more information on this subject, you can visit wi.gov and type “Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners” in the search window. This booklet and others also are listed on the Department of Revenue website with the calendar.

Once the board of review certifies the assessment roll and adjourns their meeting, no further changes can be made. It is important that you act now to review your assessment because once you receive your tax bill it is too late to object to assessments and taxes.

Kris Osterman 

Oneida County treasurer

Jerri Radtke 

Vilas County treasurer