Letter to the Editor:

Mr. Reich, we are able to agree on one item of your diatribe (column in Nov. 4 issue of the News-Review).

Yes, Merritt Garland was denied a hearing and Amy Coney Barrett was quickly sworn in to the Supreme Court by the party in power; maybe not what you like, but perfectly legal.

It is not in our Constitution that the party in power has to coddle the minority party.

You call this a travesty of democracy. And yet, you advocate for packing the court, abolishing the filibuster, granting statehood to Washington, D.C., and splitting California into two states, all to assure a Democratic majority in the Senate.

Packing the court would assure a liberal majority on the court for years to come as judges are appointed for life.

Statehood for Washington, D.C., and two Californias would almost assuredly add four Democratic senators to Congress, while abolishing the filibuster would sanction Democratic power, probably for a long time.

In your self-righteousness, you don’t believe those moves to be a “travesty of democracy,” simply because you now have the power and the moves are probably legal.

However, you go on further to say that my ilk (white rural conservatives) have been bankrolled by big business for years, culminating in Barrett’s confirmation.

Do you really have any facts to back that statement?

Actually, we on the conservative side have been driven by trying to protect the most vulnerable of all Americans, the unborn.

At this time in our history, we now have the Democrats in many states allowing and paying for abortions through all nine months, a few even advocating for infanticide.

As the Democrats say “Follow the science.”

Last time I checked, life begins at conception. I challenge you to prove my statement wrong.

Paul Berg

Morton Grove, Ill.