Letter to the Editor:

In recent days, we have watched in horror as our nation has erupted into violent protests in the name of George Floyd. 

People are asking what has happened to our country. Civil rights leaders and faith leaders from across our country have been calling out to our communities to understand that violence, looting, rioting and anarchy do not and will not promote meaningful change, but will only move to further deteriorate an already tragic situation.

We have been negligent in allowing our public education system to be hijacked by decades-old, anti-American philosophical ideas such as those promoted by the Fabian Society or Agenda 21 supporters. We trust our educators each day as we send our precious children to public school. We used to believe that education and the standards set for achievement were designed to develop our youth into productive members of society. 

What has actually happened is that our children have been taught that our founding fathers and the biblical principles that form the foundation of our free society are flawed. 

In our race for liberal-minded globalization and never-ending attempts to determine political correctness, we have failed to teach the basic tenant that we are all created equal by God. That race, religion, gender or nationality are not what define us. God has defined each and every one of us unique and in his own image.

When our son first started kindergarten, we sat him down and told him that he may hear things at school that are different than what we know at home. We encouraged him to let us know if this happened. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, he came home and asked me if it was true that some boys kissed other boys. It was at that time that I knew we were in a battle to raise our son. 

As I discussed with my 5-year-old son that day that what he had heard was indeed true, I realized that kindergarten lessons had changed dramatically since I was his age.

As we moved through the K-12 system, the majority of parent-teacher conferences revolved around the actions or comments of the educators that “taught” our son and not necessarily the actions of my child. He had a middle school science teacher feed her class styrofoam peanuts. 

A couple of years later, we met with his freshman history teacher and the principal to discuss why her woman’s rights history lesson required the class to call out the vulgar names used to describe a girl that has had premarital sex as opposed to what a boy is called. This struck my son as so inappropriate that he recorded it on his cell phone for us to listen to that evening.

Long story short, and to answer the original question of “what has happened to our society?” We are now reaping the benefits of a society that has been stripped from its own origin. Our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers of all colors fought and died in many battles to provide our children and grandchildren with a free society that is unlike any other in the world. We have rights given to us by God, not our government. When our educators stopped teaching that to our children, they created a generation of lost souls.

What happened to George Floyd was an absolute injustice. How young members of our society have been “taught” to respond, if not corrected, will be their own injustice in the end. 


Teresa Dorn

Land O’ Lakes