Dear Editor:

Anyone that attended the school board meeting at Northland Pines last week was educated, pun intended, about the tone deaf attitude the majority of the board has towards the constituents they allegedly represent.

Each and every single constituent that presented their point of view used facts and science to represent their choice on the proposed gender policy. But the school board ignored not just the facts, but listened to the torturing and heartbreaking presentation of two students as they explained what the gender proposition has and will continue to do to them as students.

To say that the board was tone deaf would be an understatement. There were well over 80 parents and grandparents that voiced or shared or applauded their conservative opinion about the science and damage of gender identity and transitions.

After listening to constituents for approximately one hour and all of the constituents being 100% against the proposed gender position, the majority of the board voted for the position that affirms that whatever a human thinks they are, including being a cat, will be accepted and affirmed.

This board must be recalled. This board and the administrator of Pines must be held accountable for their vote. They have not represented their constituents.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a child in Pines, please become involved. Your daughter and or granddaughter could be the victim of assault by a person that presents as a male. Your daughter or granddaughter could be the best athlete in her class. But because of your school board she would be potentially beaten, because of the school board’s decision to treat men as women.

Ruth Pudlo

Eagle River